Why do I make music?

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Because music is my voice in the world. I don’t know a better way to open ears, hearts and minds, to break down borders and barriers, and to preserve a space for beauty in our noisy, chaotic world.

Because it's a new day. It's a thrilling time to be making music for new audiences, in new ways, in new spaces, changing the definition and enlarging the possibilities of the concert experience.

Because music tells stories that resonate with our experiences of the world around us and the world of our own imaginations.

Because I love performing, in a glamorous concert hall, a club, or a 3rd-grade classroom. I love the electricity, the give and take of energy in the room. I love the exhilarating, exhausting feeling of playing my heart out, and the rush when an audience jumps to its feet at the end. I love the element of danger, and the high of a great performance. I love walking out of the stage door late at night, tired and hungry, knowing I’m going to do it all again tomorrow.

Because where I want to be is out here on the front lines making the world safe for classical music, one note at a time. Whether I’m at home in my studio or out on the road, packing or unpacking, doing my scales or doing my laundry, day in and day out, my life is a life in music.