My Clara, what would I not do for love of you?
— Robert Schumann to Clara Wieck

FOR LOVE OF YOU is a tribute to Clara Schumann, pianist and composer, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of her birth.

Lara remembers the early inspiration she found in Clara Schumann’s life and work:

I’m the first of three sisters, and I grew up in a house full of girls and women. My sisters and I made music together, put on plays, shared our clothes and secrets, and navigated together the unpredictable waters of our inconstant childhood. We were a pack. The world of women has always been my home. But the world of my music - of my piano teachers and their teachers, the Great Pianists and Great Composers – was a world of male lineage and legacy. Except for Clara Schumann. When I read about her early  life - such a serious, dark-eyed little girl - I found something of myself. I played her music as soon as I could get my hands around it. As I grew up, the themes of her life resonated in my own:  a struggle for independence; a defiant romance, the work/family conflicts of the artist's life... As my life unfolds, as a musician, a woman, a mother - I wonder at her accomplishments, her choices, her joys and her heartaches."